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how do i mod my xbox 360 with sound sensitive strobe LED's? Answered

I have seen the xbox 360 LED mods where the color of the LED lights stay solid while the system is on. After going over the instructions carfully i saw a 360 console with sound sensitive strobes and i was wondering if there were different instuctions for the strobe or if it is the same process with different LED's



it would be best to let thge folks over at mod-my.com handle it, they're pretty great!


9 years ago

same procsses i would think...just make sure you have enough voltage/amps to power the LED and not blow the 360...

ya if you have a falcon board DO NOT take the power from the fans!
i did that and ended up frying a transistor on my board.... although i was able to fix it by replacing the transistor.

the guys down at llamma used this spot to power the xbox 360 fans for the 12v fan mod.
the xbox 360 fans suck up 0.8 amps so i think that'll give you some solid headroom. and they've had that xbox running a good 6 months so far.

thank you do you know if there is an instructable for the VU 2x chip?