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how do i oil the shaded pole motor on my 9 high velocity fan? Answered




Why do you need to oil it? (and what is a "9 high velocity fan"?) L

the blade is spinning slowly and "9 high velocity fan is a portable fan

It shouldn't need oiling, the motor ought to have good bearings. It might be a power problem, it might be dirt, it might be that the bearings are "done". If you fell like it - take it apart and have a look at the motor & bearings - does the motor turn freely? L

I had this situation recently and what Lemonie says is right -
have a look at the wire connections to make sure they are sound (which mine was) and a squirt of WD40 helped to make the motor spin the fan. While I realise that WD40 isn't an oil, I was worried about using oil in case it shorted the mains as it dripped. I figured that my safety is all-important and if the fan is having difficulty I will simply throw it out. After 20 bucks is expensive but it is nothing compared to a fire - and, yes, my fan was new and the store wouldn't take it back - but that's life, sometimes...Good luck.

WD40 is light oil in light petroleum, it shouldn't be used in place of grease but it doe free things-up.


"doe" that make it a bit deer? ;-) (sorry, L, couldn't resist! )

...at least you don't drop any 'aitches' Liza Doolittle! (My Fair Lady) ;-)


i just got it out of the box 1 week ago and Wal-mart wont take it back and i dont want to throw it out