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how do i plug in my Linear Actuator in to my Vex Cortex Microcontroller? Answered

i know how to do servos and such, but the actuator has 5 wires, and i dont know where to put it.


Two of the wires should be for the motor, one as a common for the limit switches, and the remaining two as the connections to the limit switches themselves.

You will need a motor driver to supply enough current to the motor, as microcontrollers can typically only supply enough current to drive a few LEDs. The common of the limit switches can be connected to 0V, with a pull up resistor on the switch outputs, which can then be read by the microcontroller.

The easiest way to identify the pins is to find the datasheet, but if you don't have it, all you need to do is find which pairs of pins become connected/disconnected at each end of the travel of the actuator. These are the limit switch connections, and the remaining two are the motor.

Given the number of wires on the actuator, one would assume that 3 of them are connected to limit switches already built into the actuator, so no external switches are needed.

Is this a stock Vex part ?

Which part number ? The linear actuator I saw on their site in the UK was just a pile of bits

oh, the linear actuator isn't, but the microcontroller is.

So, what you're telling me is that I can just take the 5 wires and plug it in where the motors are supposed to go, and it wouild run?