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how do i put 2 gloves together and make the seal between the two wateright? Answered

i know this is a strange question but i am working on a project and i need to fill a glove with mineral oil and then put another glove inside of that glove so the oil surrounds the hand. the problem i am having with this is the seal i am trying to make it with hot glue by putting the 2 gloves around a cup then putting a ring of hot glue around the inner glove then folding down the lower glove. my first attempt failed and my second has multiple holes that are hard to patch. any ideas on how to do this easily? i only have four gloves 2 for practice and 2 for the prototype which will enter a competition on the 26th.
PS: i am kinda in a hurry i have until the 23rd to get this project done.



Best Answer 5 years ago

Use silicone RTV as a vinyl glue or a sylgard Elastomer kit.

Hot glue is too hot as you have found.


Ok I will look into that do you have a suggestion for a better way to apply the glue?

Ok it turns out I have one more day to finish this project which is tonight...how do u recommend I apply the silicone should I put it in a disposable cup and use a cu-tip to apply it ir just take the tube and squeeze it on?

I'd squeeze a bead on. Try on some of your scrap first to make sure it bonds. Rubber solution cement might be better

I can confirm it does bond but should I apply it?

Like I said, squeeze a bead on. If you do that, you can make sure you get a perfect ring of glue to bond. I'd probably want to put a rubber band around the joint to make sure its all squeezed together.



Answer 5 years ago

They are dishwashing gloves I think it is latex mixed with something I think that starts with an N I want to say nitrite but I know that isn't right.

Latex best glued with a latex glue - In the Uk this is called Copydex.

Alternatively super glue works fantasticly on latex.

Nitrile may be a bit more difficult and I would try a contact adhesive such a bostick or similar.


We recommend:

3M 80

It's designed for rubber-rubber gluing! And because its a spray adhesive, it will do large areas quickly.

But for smaller jobs (like shoes) we recommend:


Its easier to apply and with less surface area to adhere its extra strength will be an asset.

Alternately, you could use a tire fixing glue that you might find at an automotive store.

Ok I will look into those. May I ask why you don't recommend silicone like the others?

It may work but my experience is it doesn't always stick to man made rubbers as well as it might.

I spent some months making rubber and nitrile gloves - Latex is easy and naturally sticky so super glue works well because the rubber always contains some water - It's hygroscopic - Nitrile whilst it feels rubbery is artificial and you may need to experiment.

Try - Rubber gloves are plentiful and cheap.


5 years ago

Hot glue would not be my choice for anything waterproof. It generally doesn't work for anything really flexible, either.
I think you need more gloves. Take them with you when you buy adhesive. Most adhesives will tell you what they are good for on the package.
I've patched rubber gloves (the kind for washing dishes) with electrical tape. The patch has been waterproof for years. I don't know how it would stand up to mineral oil.
Ummm.... are you really looking for an oil-proof rather that waterproof solution?

Yes oil proof sorry


5 years ago

Get a tube of neoprene repair adhesive for repairing wet suits. You can get it at surf and scuba supply stores. I've used it to repair several different types of synthetic rubber including latex neck and wrist seals. I even used it to patch a cut in a bicycle inner tube and it works great.
The stuff I used was called 'Black Witch' but there are numerous other brands available.

That wouldn't work as I live in the loser corner of Washington there isn't any surf shops

Buy it online.

As I stated earlier I have until the 23rd ti get this done shipping isn't fast enough

It would help if you told us what the gloves are made of...