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how do i put music on external hard drive with itunes on a macbook with os x? Answered

i hav macbook with os x   not the snow leopard. im a novice computer guy at best. i hav a my passport essential external hard drive 1t. my goal is to hav my music n video all on external. thanx

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jeff-o (author)2010-02-17

If you just want to copy your files one time, go to your iTunes music folder, and drag the whole thing over to the external hard drive.

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Burf (author)2010-02-16
Easy. Depending on the version of iTunes you have, it may be slightly different.

Open iTunes and click the Edit button in the top left corner.
Click Preferences in the drop down window.
Click on the Advanced tab.
Go down to the Browse tab and select the xtHD as the place you want to keep your Music files.
All of your sound files in iTunes will be moved.

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