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how do i remove the printing from a plastic shopping bag? Answered

I'd like to remove the logo/printing from plastic shopping bags to use in a prop. I imagine there's some solvent that might do it, anyone know what it might be? Thanks


if you want to remove printing from plastic at a large scale, for plastic recycling then milnox.com can help u out

Depending on what you need to transfer it to you can buy Min-Waxs Polyacrylic.  If you are transfering it to a hard surface and you can either have the logo in reverse or if it's clear you can look at the logo "through" your prop then the polyacrylic will work.  It needs a hard surface and because of how you grab the image it will be mirrored into the acrylic.  To use put a layer of it on whatever you want to transfer the bag logo to.  Then place the bag image side down on the acrylic layer.  Let dry for about an hour and pull away bag (carefully) the image should be "transfered" to the polyacrylic.  Let dry for the requisite 8+ hours.  I found this by accident.  I was protecting a table using this stuff and a plastic bag was my protective sheet to put the can and stirring stick on.  The stirring stick would pick up the logo off the plastic bag anytime it was set on the bag.

 If you just need non-branded bags go to local stores or thrift stores.  They often use plain or at least unbranded plastic bags.

I think that, most of the time, you can't. :( But rubbing alcohol might work on some bags, or (if the bag is strong enough) repeatedly applying and removing duct tape.


8 years ago

Soap and water might be enough. It'll depend very much on the type of plastic. Couldn't you just turn the bag inside out, though?

Acetone might work, use a spare incase it dissolves the plastic too.