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how do i seal and coat the inside of my microwave? Answered

the microwave interior (where you put the food) rusted out in one corner i need to fill it (with what ) and coat it to make it look good and be properly sealed but with what do i coat it? so far everything i have used has caught on fire. thank you   


you might want to remove the inner shell, sand blast it and possibly powder coat would work. May want to your your local powder coater is their finishing would be save for microwave use

I thank you so very much for your time and answer. The price of a new microwave is now under fifty dollars so i must keep that in mind as i try and repair the microwave in question. taking it apart, sandblasting it and powder coating it would cost more than price of a new one. I have sealed the hole left behind with clear silicone rubber and my microwavew leak detection sensor tells me its safe to use but my wife tells me it doesnt meet her requirments in the way it looks so before i paint it i want to make sure that what i use for paint wont catch on fire. What i really need to know is what kind of paint did they use.

i would think either powder coat or an enamel type or paint because it obviously need to be tough and withstand scrubbing

I think that sounds like good advice. Do you think the interior coating protects the interior shell from the destructive microwaves. (This reminds me of the acid that was so strong there was no container that could hold it). thank you for your response.

it must protect it some how because you are now getting sparks. From a very quick search and a few minutes of reading, I think it would be an enamel paint. Hopefully you are able to figure out the main problem and if not it might just be cheaper to buy a used microwave and turn your old one into some of the projects you see here on instrucables. The timed power outlet thing comes to mind as well as king of random's metal melter.