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how do i solder a perf board? Answered

i got a perf board for Christmas but have no i idea how to solder components together. i know how to solder the components on the board but i don't know how to connect them. do i use a jumper and if so how do i use that? isn't a jumper kit just some solid core wire? i have some .032 inch diameter copper wire from a transformer and i was thinking i could use that instead of a jumper?



Yep, just use some solid core wire. I've always hadtrouble soldering pref boards because the solder always clumps together and you overheat the components

clip on soldering heat sinks......they do help :-) (normally I just use hemostats)

there's 2 tecniques, You could wrap the wire around the components leads, then solder. This is alled wire wrapping. You can also put the 2 ends of the jumper right next to each components hole and create a solder bridge over to the jumper