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how do i text a person that is in LONDON? Answered

my best friend moved to LONDON which is great on her part cuz she has more shopping opportunities, but a new country means a new phone and a new phone menas a new number. every time we try to text it doesnt turn out right, it either doesnt go through to her or i get an error message saying that the number is not valid, but it IS valid cuz we talk all the time but that is costing us alot of money that we are trying to save, so how do i text my best friend in LONDON??? PLEASE HELP MEEEEE........



Use an internet text service, they're free, though it'd be awkward for a normal text conversation.

Using facebook or bebo on your mobile isn't too bad, well as in mobile internet's not too pricey anymore, just have a text conversation via PM.

Use SMS and something like skype for transmission.

Forget texting - even when it works, it's expensive across continents.

Instead, email or facebook for comments, and skype to chat for free.

If she has an iTouch, London is full of free wifi hotspots.

If you could show us first 4 numers, it would be great.

Anyway the code for UK is +44 (entry code). than you have to add the code of the region. than you have to add tel. number from the mobile or stationary phone of your friend.
but there's a trick.: after you entered entry code you have to leave "the zero". 

for example:
your friend mobile is 06xxxxx..you type +446xxxxx. you can see there's no zero!


same goes for stationary phones. leave the zero from region code.

iam not native english i hope you understood

**this should work, +1 seconded.

Also ensure that you both have international texting on your plan - or you could get a surprising bill at the end of the month!  "unlimited text" usually implies local/national, and not international.