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how do i wire surface mounted SMD RGB LEDs in series? Answered

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frollard (author)2012-06-08

It's easy to hand-solder smt parts - you just need flux, tiny solder, and a good iron.

Then you are either wiring them dead-bug style or soldering them down to a circuit designed for them. Youtube has a lot of videos on smt soldering.

iceng: There are RGB that have 3 separate anode/cathode connections if you want to do some fancy matrixing, but you are right - usually you get common cathode or anode for a 4 pin package.

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iceng (author)frollard2012-06-08

Live and learn 6 pin RGB LEDs wowee
If you come across a source link please copy me with it :)

I still want to caution 21century  about over heating the BLUE LED
pins when dead-bug style or soldering.  It would be a shame to lose
a whole LED for a touchy blue diode.   Like tonight installing a blue LED
sign for  air flow on my plasma cutter got overheated from shrink-tube
and I had to rewire  that LED a second time being carefullest heatsinkinging
the led when heating.....


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iceng (author)2012-06-08

You don't...
The RGB LED ( weather common anode or common cathode ) are not
arranged for series wiring because the three LEDs are connected to a
single terminal on one side.
This is true for SMD parts and through hole parts.

If you want to make a series RGB you need to use individual Red, Green
and Blue LEDs....


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21century (author)iceng2012-06-08

I got that but how do I solder such small connectors?

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iceng (author)21century2012-06-08

The same way as all other SMT parts can be soldered to a PCB.

A hot plate with solder paste is the DIY way.

I layout my smt pads with extra area to permit side solder in-flow
and use something like a princess solder iron and can do 25 mil


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