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how do u connect 2 coils? Answered

i have wounded 2 coils but i was wondering how can you connect them together or you connect them to seperate circuits.


never mind the tags i just use it to get people to come to my question i am trying to build a coil gun

So what the heck is the question ABOUT ? You have our attention, now write a decent question about what you want to do.

i have a coil gun with 2 coils but i want to know how can you trigger both coils with only one circuit or how can you wire it up with to circuits.

Adding irrelevant tags does NOT increase the odds of getting a useful answer; it just makes people annoyed with you.

Asking a clearer, more specific, question does help.

For a coil gun, the coils need to be triggered with precise timing relative to each other. Look at existing designs before/rather than trying to create your own.

For what purpose did you wound two coils?

Tagging with capacitors, charge, camera, kodak, led, motor, help, ammo, ammo clip, spring doesn't make things clear.


Sounds like they are trying for a coil gun-but only because of the tags, not the question : (

Counter question becomes "How did you plan on the coil gun working?", but there is no plan, just an attempt to assemble random parts : ( If you want the second coil to accelerate the projectile, then the second coil has to be triggered the right number of milliseconds after the first (or after some sort of internal trigger was tripped), so would need a separate charging circuit.

Yes I thought that too, but these tags don't really fit.
I totally concur with you.