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how do u loose weight? without ur mum knowin? thanks for ur help xx Answered

heey everyone i was jst askin this question becuz i don't feel happy wif mi body but mi mum doesn't want me to loose weight. i am not talkin loads n loads of weight jst a couple of pounds to i feel happy. is throwin up the best idea so then mi mum will fink i am sick so she won't give me as much?  if this is then plz leae suggestions to throwin up

thanks alot :) xx

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seandogue (author)2010-01-05

Puking to lose weight is a great way to permanently damage your esophagus. Want a life of heartburn? Eventual need for gastric surgery? well....?

You want to lose weight? get off your butt and go outside and run around. ride a bike, run around some more. Quit eating chips and drinking pop (soda).

Puking to lose weight  is simply too stupid for words.

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AngryRedhead (author)2010-01-04
You can be happy at any weight.

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100% Agree . you should be happy with ur body

But treat it good too as its the only one your gonna get (unless you believe in reincarnation)

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GrumpyOldGoat (author)2010-01-04

A couple fewer bites at each meal and a little more exercise between meals should peel a couple of pounds of in short order.

Nix on the upchucking plan.

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dk1252 (author)2010-01-04

Only one way, and it's simple secret formula that no has to know about, but you:

Easy on the food + easy exercise 3 x week + easy on the TV and computer time.

Shhhh don't tell anybody!

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orksecurity (author)2010-01-04

if it's "just a couple of pounds", you are worrying MUCH too much about it. If you're talking about trying to hide it from your mother, then it's into the range where it may become addictive behavior. Your mention of throwing up tends to confirm that.

Get professional help. PLEASE. Before you hurt yourself.

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Kiteman (author)2010-01-04
Vomiting is nota good idea - stomach acids attack your teeth (in a pattern that is recognisable to a dentist or doctor as deliberate vomiting rather than an occasional bout of sickness), and you will lose most of the nutritional value of the food (if it can be thrown up, it has not entered the small intestines, where most of the nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream.  It will, without question, damage you in body and mind in the long run.  Self-induced vomiting can even become an addiction.

If all you want to lose is a couple of pounds, just increase your daily exercise routine slightly.
  • Walk briskly to school instead of strolling casually, or walk instead of taking the bus.
  • Take the stairs instead of lifts or escalators.
  • When offered a lift, walk instead.
  • Leave it for an hour or two after meals, then go for a jog or a cycle round your neighbourhood.
  • It doesn't have to be every day, either - instead of meeting your friends at the mall, suggest you go swimming instead (or go swimming without them, so your new svelt self will be a surprise).

Not only will you lose any unnecessary pounds, you will get fitter, stronger and healthier.  You don't need to hide it from your parents, either, as they will quite likely be grateful that you have taken an interest in a healthy life-style.

Be aware, though, that muscle is denser than fat, so even though you drop a dress size, it is possible that you will not lose weight.  Don't worry - most boys find a fit girl more attractive than an unfit girl (in fact, emma, over here in the UK, slang for being attractive is "being fit").

If you want to change your eating habits, cut out junk and candy, add fruit, vegetables and cereals (proper ones, not the sugar-loaded rubbish).  Snack on a banana or raw carrot instead of a candy bar.  Drink water, squash or fruit juice instead of fizzy drinks.

Above all, though, if you are unhappy with your personal appearance ("poor body image"), then you really ought to talk to somebody who cares about you - talk to your mother, talk to your friends.  They will (if they genuinely care) be able to tell you that you probably do not need to lose weight at all.

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dulciquilt (author)2010-01-04

Once you start down that road it is very hard to turn back. After a very short time your body will take over and you will not be able to prevent the vomiting without a great deal of effort and/or medical help. I know. I went through it in high school and college.
It also damages the enamel on your teeth.
 A very safe way to lose quickly is watch your carbs and protein intake. For an adult, 35g carbs per meal(3 a day) and 17 per snack (3 a day) is a good starting point, but for a growing child/teen, you may need more.
 Often it is hard to see ourselves as others do and we perceive weight that really isn't there. Just because your friend weighs 90 units and looks great doesn't mean that's the ideal weight for you. Bone structure and muscle make a big difference on your weight. If you use unsafe weight loss techniques, you can damage your muscles and bones and end up with permanent health issues.

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Burf (author)2010-01-04

Throwing up is never, ever a good way to lose weight. If you want to drop a few pounds, establish healthy eating habits and get plenty of exercise. Your Mom would probably have no objections to that.

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