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how do ya tell a boiled egg from fresh without cracking it? Answered

I have an egg that has been in the fridge for a while and I cant remember if its fresh or boiled.


Spin the egg! If it it spins well, then it is hard boiled, because yolk will not be sloshing around inside.

spin it on the table and touch it with your finger very breifley then take your finger off it and if it continues to spin it is fresh if it dosent it it boiled!!! best try this a few times to get an average!!!


8 years ago

pencil a C on the cooked ones before you refrigerate them.  

Other spinning option - a hard boiled egg will stand up on its tip like a top when spun. A raw egg will slosh around and lose its momentum too fast to stand up.

mind u shakeing it sometimes works, just dont let go

I can usually tell by giving it a light tap, hard boiled sounds different that uncooked. Though it takes a seasoned ear to tell the difference.

Your better bet is to crack it over a frying pan, that way even if it is raw it's not wasted! It'll be a surprise for you, how eggcellent !