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how do you PROGRAM a batch file to make sound? Answered

I think it is time we all knew how to do this long asked Question
if someone posts a good batch i will test it and post my comments


The only noise (to my knowledge) that can be activated through a batch script, is the BEL character.

To extract it, type this in your command prompt.

@echo CTRL+G > "noise.txt"
start "noise.txt"

Copy and paste the contents of the file that opens up, then run this code.

del noise.txt

..And there you have it! Your very own BEL character.

Remember to replace CTRL+G with you actually pressing those two buttons.

I have looked but they all require you to push a lot of buttons to make an error sound and that is all

One way is to echo the bell character, which is ALT-NUM7 - you get a mainboard beep. Otherwise open a sound file.
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You don't know?
The answers are out there, have you looked?

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