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how do you braid hemp into your hair? Answered

i've seen hemp in hair..and i currently have a hair wrap in, thanks to a friend in north carolina...however, i was wondering about how to go about braiding hemp into my hair. any suggestions?


what i did, i never found results online, and i was always confused with tutorials, and im only 13 so if i can do you it, you can too, anyways what i did, was i used rainbow yarn from walmart which is like $1-5, anyways i felt like playing around and i just grabbed my yarn cut off the certain amount i think i needed, folded it, tied an easy knot of it onto a strand of my hair, braided my way down, then eventually i got to leftovers of the yarn so i twisted it at the end, and then so i tied it once i got to the end but before i tied it i added a little jewel, and i think it looks great so im going to do this more often with other colors! :) easy 1.2.3. and if you cant braid or work well with this, then i recommend you didn't try. thanks! i hope this works!!

I just literally braided hemp in my hair. I didn't have any yarn but had some left over hemp. you braid in into the hair, you get the smallest hemp you can find and then you grab on piece making it two then you are going to want to loop in under your hair, then braid it normally, I'll include a picture. hope this helps (:


If you're talking about hair wraps, and not actual braiding, the answer would be to get a section of hair and tie the hemp on near the root.  This may be a bit obvious, but you are going to want the thinnest hemp you can find so that you don't have a great hulking thing protruding from your skull.  Tie either two or three pieces and then start macrameing (is that a word?).  Just bend the hemp so that it goes perpendicular to your section of hair (it will look like this number 4), then stick the end through the opening (the center of the #4) and gently pull upward to the knot and tighten at the same time.  Repeat and repeat and repeat......
Best to have a friend do this, as it can be difficult to do on yourself.  When you get to the end of your hair keep macrameing just a little further...that way you don't have random hair ends sticking out.  It will be tight at first but will get more comfortable with time.  Good luck!
PS - when removing - just cut it out.  Do your wrap in an inconspicuous place so you don't look weird once you cut it out.

Depends on what you're after.  You can braid it in like you're doing dreads or dreadfalls, or you can attach it like a weave.  There are a few different techniques, but you can Google it for the technique that'll best meet your needs.

Interesting, I've never heard of this...

 I would just treat it like another lock of hair when braiding.