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how do you build a guitar/bass neck? I have been thinking of building a bass. Answered

I have been thinking of building a bass but there are no neck instructables. Any advice?


All needed info can be found on http;//www,mimf.com
An neck for an electric bass or guitar are the easier necks to make. I glue and fit everything up without rounding the back of the neck, then mark the facets and cut with a bandsaw or use a rasp and then sandpaper to get the final profile.

neck 001.JPGneck 003.JPGneck 007.JPGneck 008.JPG

another good resource is stewart macdonald. Stewmac.com When I built my guitar, I glued together the pieces to make my neck and began shaping on and then ended up just buying a prefab one. Building a guitar neck isn't hard, perse, but it does require some research and a lot of effort. this would be one project that you would be best served by going out and buying a guitar building book; there's a lot that goes into it and no instructable could cover the subject satisfactorily.


9 years ago

Probably because guitar/bass necks are fairly difficult for the diy builder (not crazy difficult, but not easy.)

Not only do they require precise tolerances, but the neck and the fingerboard are generally made from two different type of wood. The stiffness of each wood type effects the truss rod placement and type. So some prior experience in neck building and adjusting is helpful.

Many amateur luthiers use companies like Warmoth as a source.

However, if you have very specific needs for a neck cross-section, building is the only option (other than custom-made.)