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how do you build/make a carbon fiber helmet that you can put a aviation headset into, and make it stay there ? Answered

i would like to know if anyone know how to do that and i would like it to be kind of like a helicopter helmet headset but just out of carbon fiber. if anyone knows please comment.



There are safety concerns. You should not touch the stuff bare handed. Tiny splinters of carbon fiber will embed in your skin and become painful. You should NEVER breath CF dust of particles. It's pretty bad to get inside your lungs.

I would find a prebuilt helmet then add the equipment to the outside of that.  If you put it inside you will loose any protection the helmet offers.

Do you know how to work with carbon fiber or have you made anything with carbon fiber before? Carbon fiber comes is cloth mats that you need to layer so each layer is running in a different directing than the last. In between layers you need to coat it in epoxy resin. After you have everything together you need to seal it in a plastic bag and put in in a vacuum to suck all the air out and get any air bubbles out. While its under a Vacuum you need to use a heavy roller to make sure all air bubbles are pressed out. All this has to be done in the short time period before the epoxy starts to set. The most important part is having a mold to drape the carbon fiber over it and the mold release agent so you can pop the finished piece off. Here is a good video that shows what is involved in making any carbon fiber part. 

Have you looked at the instructables along the right hand side for ideas? They may not show you how to work with carbon fiber but may be helpful in figuring out how to mount a headset into a helmet.

The part made in the video wouldn't be a good structural piece. I wouldn't use that as a helmet shell. Like i said you will want to place the layers so the weave is in a different directing then the previous layer. Putting the part in a bag and placing it under a vacuum helps to ensure the layers stay tight together and all air is removed. Again this makes a stronger part.