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how do you clean the pllastic covers on headlights(the foggy film)? on your vehicle? Answered

I need a cheap easy way.  I saw someone use a kit from walmart for around $20- but that seems outrageous.   Thanks



7 years ago

Mothers Mag Wheel Polish. Trust me. I've been using it since before anyone ever heard of headlight cleaner. I have tried them all out of curiosity, but I still use mothers.


8 years ago

Actually, its not a film but rather many tiny pits and scratches from dust and sand particles in the air as your drive.
You can use a regular plexiglass polishing and buffing kit or put one together yourself.
 You'll need several grits of wet or dry sandpaper ranging from about 400 grit to 2000 grit and then buffing and polishing compounds to finish it off.

thx Burf. I have the same problem with my VW Passat W8 wagon. You are right--it's not a film but millions of tiny pits from the sand (we lived in a very windy area). I will try this for sure and see how it goes.

If the hazing is not too bad you can use toothpaste on a fairly damp rag ( flannel or terry towel seems to work well)  and buff like mad for at least 30 minutes per
lens. I've used this on a couple of old vehicles where the cost of new composite
headlights at $100+ per headlight would have just about doubled the value of the ride. Keep rinsing the rag out and use lots of toothpaste. 

You should probably just replace it. Many old cars uses plastic that go opaque due to UV rays.

You can get polishing compounds and buffs for plastic at hardware or home improvement stores, but you'll need three or more kinds of compound and a buff for each one, so you'll wind up spending more than $20.