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how do you do the vulcan nerve pinch? Answered

is it even real and how do you do it


You have to be an actor, and receive stage-direction. I don't know who came up with the Vulcan (pinch) but they're possibly dead and took the secret to the grave. watching Star Trek TOS should give you all the tuition you need. L

Fun fact: Leonard Nimoy actually "made up" the pinch. In the episode where Kirk was split into two halves of himself? The script said that Spock hit the evil Kirk on the back of the head to knnock him out but Nimoy and Shatner kind of Improved a more Vulcan way of rendering someone unconscious, hence the Vulcan nerve pinch was born.


8 years ago

one would need a Vulcan nervous system.

it is actually not a nerve pinch, but stopping the blood flow to the brain. be cautious with it as doing it over 8 seconds will result in permanent brain damage. try it on yourself. find the "common carotid artery" in your neck, and press it (not to hard) for a second. as you release it, you will feel a strange feeling in your head. so, to do it in real, press on the common carotid artery. it takes little training to find it instantly.

The real way to knock someone out is indeed bloodflow - but The vulcan version is in fact a nerve pinch however, involving pressure and awesomeness. It can only be replicated by vulcans - so we're out of luck :D

but still, pressing the common carotid artery comes very, very close to the vulcan nerve pinch....

the only thing you can do by 'pressing' yhe neck muscle for real is making your head partly immobile (and with pressing, i mean hitting it so hard that it paralyzes the muscle temporary) because they will not move anymore (so half of your head is litterally stuck)...but there is no way the (temporary) paralysis could flow through your body, and paralyze other body parts (because paralysis is a local effect) so the pinch is actually rubbish.

star.....trek..... they shoot directed energy weapons and transport people through thin air. They fly space ships by warping the space around them rather than actually moving forward :D Spock pinches a nerve, and it makes you unconscious. It's just...awesome. :-) To say the pinch is rubbish, means you are rubbish. Thats right, I moved the debate to ad-hominem because the pinch is that awesome. There is love however.

me, rubbish?! you are wrong! here's an example: if anyone (or anything) hits you in your chest, there is a chance that you can't breathe for a brief period. now, what happens, is that the phrenic nerve is hit, and therefore, the thoracic diaphragm doesn't move for that brief period. but it is only a matter of seconds before you can breathe again. now, if a nerve in your neck is pinched, you will only momentarily lose the function it accomplishes, and, as there are 31 spinal nerves (and another 11 which go to your face) you really can't knock a human out by pinching a nerve without killing it. and, even then, the person would have enough time to perform an action that brings you in a 'nasty situation' before dying. so, only pinching the common carotid artery (arteria carotis communis) can knock a person out for a useful time. 'rubbish'...right.

Remembering vulcans are telepaths - by touch. ...they just brain you...right good. :) I see where you're coming from - biologically - there arent a lot of options. Please remember we are talking about an alien race, in a science fiction show. (the meaning of my previous reply)

but the only telepathy they do is the vulcan mind melt, which has something to do with the temple on your head. so i would call if semi-telepathy, because there still needs to be some contact between the vulcan and his 'victim'. but, you're right, the vulcans mostly spock) are awesome, especially in Star Trek 6: an undiscovered country.

they are somewhat empathic without contact too - not just the meld

6 is undoubtedly good :D

i looked up a bit, and there is a nerve that can knock you out by pressing it. it is the vagus nerve (nervus vagus) which controls all the organs in your chest and abdomen. it needs: 1: a hard hit, and that causes heart-failure. 2: a long-time pressure (not instantly), which makes the heart go to slow to retain consciousness, but fast enough to retain life. now here's a good dialogue about the pinch: In the Mel Brooks comedy Spaceballs, Lone Starr (played by Bill Pullman) attempts to knock out a Spaceball guard using the technique, prompting the following dialogue: Guard: What the hell are you doing? Lone Starr: Uh… the Vulcan Neck Pinch? Guard: No, no, stupid. You’ve got it much too high. It’s down here where the shoulder meets the neck. Lone Starr: Like this? Guard: Yeah! (faints)

We get that one a lot - we call it (pronounced) vago-ed - when someone bears down really hard with all their might...say...a constipated person with a weak heart to begin with - they lose consciousness and fall off the toilet - everyone thinks they're dead - but they're usually fine. Eat your fiber :D Funny how your own neck muscles can get you in the end. Spaceballs ftw!

now that's ridicule! it can happen when you vomit, too. a, 'pressing' down really hard on the toilet can also inflict a minor brain surgery. there's a man who got that, and now the part of his brain that supresses ideas is damaged...so...he can't stop painting because of the overload of ideas. his house has 7 layers of paint everywhere! he shows up in a documentary of National Geographic, i'm not sure which one though, but t was something with 'brain'.

of all afflictions - I think that would be a kinda neat illness. Think of the patents you could get on a whim.

yeah, but you can't control which idea's you get! in the same documentary a woman appears who also had such brain damage (although not from defecation) couldn't stop writing. her house is full of post it's. if you were lucky, you would get more usefull ideas, rather than painting/writing your house full.

Can Chuck Norris do it? He has more awesomeness than every Vulcan ever spawned.