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how do you fix a leak in a windshield washer fluid reservoir? Answered



my girlfirends car had a leak on the very bottom of her resivoir and would of been a major pain to install a new one. So i drained the resivoir, and blew air into it to dry it out as much possible. then mixed up some 5 minute epoxy and then soaked fiberglass cloth in in and applied it, let it dry for a day and then added fluid. it's been through two winters and it's still going strong.


7 years ago

I had a seam crack on one and I just used a soldering iron to weld the crack back together. Worked fine and was a quick repair.

Need more info on how and or where it leaks. It could be a simple small hole that a screw and a piece of rubber could fix. Or it could be a crack or split that requires more "fixin" than its worth.

use epoxy or JB weld that stuff is resistant to most chemicals so the windshield washer fluid shouldn't eat away at it.

If the leak is a sizeable crack or damage to the pump or exit fitting, replace. if it's smallish damage elsewhere, you could remove it, clean the outside throughly, then apply a few layers of duct tape or vulcanized tape to carry you over for a while.

Replace it. Should be able to get the part from O'Reilly's, Napa, Autozone, etc.