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how do you get around schools blockers Answered




8 years ago

Your question is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the Answers pages.
I can understand why you and other students don't like your access being restricted, but there are a number of very good reasons why it is necessary.

1) Cost. Schools must pay for their bandwidth usage. Your parents and other taxpayers do not take kindly to use of school funds for activities that do not foster scholarship and good citizenship.

2) Security.
     a. (Student).  Schools are legally and morally responsible for protecting their students while at school. There are bad people out there just looking for an opportunity to take advantage of school age people. The school must take active steps to limit this as much as is possible. One of the better means to do so is to prevent students from accessing sites where these bad people lurk.

     b.(System). Trojans, viruses, worms, hackers and all sorts of malware are lurking out there and for IT personnel, it is a full time job trying to protect the school's computer network and limiting user access is one step towards this goal.

3) Education.  You are in school to learn and visiting social sites, chat rooms, the daily comics and OTHER things that do not contribute to your education are time wasters, and distractive. They want you to pay attention to your studies. A student trying to find out if  tickets to the big concert are going to be available next month doesn't do much in regards to helping improve his or her education.

Schools don't block internet access to websites just to be mean, there are some very good and important reasons for controlling what is available to students and what is not.

i dont like blockers, but there for a reason.

You won't get an answer to that here.

If your school network administrator isn't worthless you won't be able to either, they're there for a reason.