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how do you get glow pigment into quartz (or other stones)? Answered

I've seen a few people selling "glow in the dark natural quartz."  Obviously they've taken pieces of quartz and somehow saturated them with glow in the dark pigment of some type.  So I'm curious now.  How'd they do that?!  Anybody have any thoughts?


I'd guess that rather than infusing the stone, or even coating the visible surfaces, that the bottom, (or the end concealed in a jewelry collar) is coated. The glow you see is reflected internally in the same way that fiberoptics work.

I was hoping for more of an inner glow, but your way definitely sounds easy and fun. Thanks for sharing!

An inner glow is possible, but you'd have to drill a hole into it (and hope it doesn't break along the natural fractures). You can read here for steps on drilling into quartz.

Once the hole is made, ensure that the quartz is dry and clean of drilling residue. Then mask around the hole and spray a light amount of glow-in-the-dark to the inside and allow it to fully dry before adding any additional coats. Then remove your masking tape and either leave the hole 'as is' or glue in a plug or jewelry hardware.