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how do you get mold off suede? Answered

white ordinary mold on suede boots.



8 years ago

The cure has been well covered.

Prevention? Never put shoes (or anything else) in a constricted area (shoe cupboard/shoe box), if there is even the slightest damp on them;-that includes any foot sweat (sorry!!).

Sprinkling some talcum powder inside refreshes them.

Come to think of it...., after thoroughly brushing the dry shoes, liberally sprinkling them with talc;-rubbing it in;-then brushing it off will help/solve? the mould problem.

You can try white vinegar. Pour a little on a clean towel, and rub the spots until they go away. Your boots will smell like vinegar for a while, and the vinegar may cause the color to fade.
If this doesn't work, you're hosed as far as I know. 

Dry the boots thoroughly prior to Raving mad's suggestions, and then use a stiff brush to remove as much of the mold a possible prior to application of the vinegar to minimize the amount needed to do the job (and thereby reduce any negative effects)