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how do you get risen not to bubble? Answered




7 years ago

A small vacuum applied then released several times will help bubbles leave the epoxy resin.
You need a window to watch as you pull the vacuum because the deep bubbles can grow quite large and start pushing resin out of your mold.
That is when you release the vacuum and start again.
Each cycle combines mini bubbles together to rise up and pop on the next cycle.
You are done when no more bubbles appear.


What a piece of genius level deduction ! I have been looking for what the heck risen was......


Remember that the bubbles come from your capturing air in the resin as you mix and pour it. Mix carefully to minimize air being drawn in. Pour carefully to avoid capturing air against the sides of the mold, and to let bubbles float to the surface. Rapping the mold against a hard surface, if it's strong enough to permit this, may help any bubbles which have gotten caught work their way upward. Depending on the resin, you may be able to use a wire pre-coated with resin to reach in and carefully encourage bubbles to work upward, and to pop bubbles which reach the top. You should probably expect that the top surface will have some bubble craters or other flaws and may need to be polished. (Actually, all surfaces may need polishing, if you want maximum transparency.)

Basically: Don't rush, be careful, and don't be surprised if this takes some practice.

Resin? For jewellery making?

If a 2 part epoxy:
- pour from a low height
- stir slowly
- tap the container sharply on a hard surface to bring bubbles to the top and pop?
- Use google to search for resin not risen

This group discusses it.

There was an article in Make about this too, by Adam Savage from Mythbusters. When he arranged moulds, he always made the fill rise from the bottom of the mould, and not from the top. Many bubbles escape from the resin before they enter the pour that way.