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how do you get so many views on an instructable? Answered


Hey catmanduud,

Had a quick look at your instructables and the first thing I noticed is that they don't catch the eye. You need a photo of the item in use or a way that it looks super interesting so people will really want to click it.

The other thing is to put instructions in your 'ible. I can't tell how to make the items from the photos. The 'ible on the air cannon is really good, but I know if I were to build it I would need words to explain how to do it and in what order.

Getting featured is a really good thing to getting views and well photographed and written instructables helps that. :) Hope that helps!


5 years ago

Learn to think REAL 3-D stay clear of a 2-D monitor..
Take a quick course on dual prospective lines
Try to understand why Roman  builders would cause temple steps
to be curved in order to appear straight to a citizen viewer.

Then you will perceive the views on an instructable.are manny.

Took a quick browse through the projects you have posted. It's possible that those projects could have more views if they were done differently.
  • Start with a unique descriptive title. Short and sweet and don't capitalize the whole thing.
  • Take clear pictures. Make sure they are rotated properly. Make sure the focus and lighting is good. Take multiple pictures that show different details up close.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, post instructions. All of your posts are just show and tells but don't show how you built them or give instructions for others to build them.
  • When you do write, use proper grammar and spelling. Formatting and content are also important. Punch it up with a little humor. I try to be as inviting as possible by pointing out places where people can do things differently or make the project their own. The lower the barrier to entry the more people will respond.
Outside of posted Instructables fill out your profile in a human way. You don't have to reveal anything you consider private but just make it so people know a little about you and what you're about. Checkout the profiles for the other people that have answered this to see what I mean.
Get active in the Instructables community. It doesn't necessarily mean you will get more views but you will meet new people who might follow you or browse your posts after they interact with you. Besides that it's fun and you'll probably learn something, I know I have.

5 years ago

Try to get it featured, that helps increase views; refer to https://www.instructables.com/community/Featuring-Checklist/.

Try to increase views from search engines:https://www.instructables.com/id/Using-SEO-to-increase-an-Instructables-views/.

Promote your instructable using sites like pinterest, facebook, twitter, reddit etc. Some blogs accept submissions such as craftgawker, crochet pattern central.

It is important to have a well documented instructable with good quality photos (in focus, good lighting).  This goes along way in getting views (and getting featured).  But it also helps if it is about something clever, cool and unique. Check out what becomes popular:https://www.instructables.com/tag/type-id/?sort=POPULAR

Make it a good one, make it follow the current zeitgeist. Use good materials, well shot photographs, good prose......