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how do you hack the santa off a starchaser laser light? Answered

I bought 2 christmas Starchaser laser light shows for $5. I want to get rid of the santas & trees. The stencils are either embedded within the diffraction plate or inside the laser casing. I can change out the diffraction glass but don't know what type to replace it with. Someone Has Had to have done this before me. My engineer friends say "huh?". Yes I watched all the YouTubes. These are nice remote control lasers.
Deb the Mad Science Teacher (retired)

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Downunder35m (author)2018-01-15

What do you expect from a $5 toy?
If they would design it to be an easy hack for everything it would cost more :)

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broodinghen (author)Downunder35m2018-01-16

These are $35 toys that I bought for $5 each that contain a powerful set of lasers that cover a whole house. I would like to kill the santa & I am sure there is a more skilled optics/electronic person out there who may have done so.

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