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how do you make a door hook? Answered

how do you make a door hook for my room 



Depends on the door and tools/materials around. Hangers work pretty well, bent to a square on one end the size of the door and back the other way for the hook. Flat metal (thick enough to be hard to bend) holds up a little better if there is a vice (or big wrench, hammer/(anvil or brick), etc) to bend it with. Flat case parts from busted electronics work well, thin enough to cut with tin snips but thick enough to keep shape.

Agreed..was going for the easypeasy method...got lazy donchaknow

Bend a coat hanger over the door, then bend it back up so a hook is formed. Kind of an S shape, where the part that goes over the door is more square.

What kind of door hook are you needing?