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how do you make a garter from an old set of acus? Answered

i am getting married in dec and my fiance wants to make a ring bearer pillow, guest book cover, and a garter from an old set of my acus (army cobat unifom).  any tips would be appreciated


You should (a) send a PM to Scoochmaroo, the Goddess of All That Is Sewn, and (b) set up templates for all the I'bles you're going to post when you make those things! Oh, and congratulations!

I can make an Instructable on the garter tomorrow or whenever the wedding challenge starts. It's easier than you might think.

The pillow is probably pretty obvious, and here's how to make your own book.

thank you very much. i appreciate it and so does she, She has decided that no other garter will work and we have looked online and not found anything really easy