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how do you make an airsoft bazoka? Answered


But would it shoot airsoft pellets and have a HUGE air reservoir, or would it shoot something else?

there is a technology for that, it is known as "batting" you insert a plug that fits into the barrel perfectly (potato, wet toilet paper, tin can) and place the spray in over that, the "butting" substance (preferrably wet toilet paper) will be burnt up almost if not it will just spray and fall about 5 feet in front of you, the spray you want will go for a good distance.

Sabot. Like the plastic device in a shotgun slug, it takes up extra space around the projectile, maximizing the power and range of said projectile. TP would work okay, but it would be better to have a shell of sorts , even if it splits upon exiting the barrel.

Yes, though a sabot would be more complicated, and maybe not as versatile.

you can shot what ever can fit in the barrel and you can make different size barrels.

What I'm really asking is what will make this a bazooka. Will it be a bazooka because of a very large air reservoir, or because it will be shooting tennis balls? And do you want this to be something that you can really use, or something attached to a bicycle pump?

I made one with 6 air chambers so I can shoot 6 times before i have to fill it again. i do shot tennis balls and i use it im my airsoft wars (i shoot them at my friends)

Hmmm... That doesn't sound like such a good idea.

this will be complicated, first you need a 2" diamiter PVC tube with a hole drilled in the side and one end capped off. then you will need 2 plasic eggs, take those eggs and drill a hole into the large piece of ONE of them, add a firecracker into that hole with the fuse sticking out of the egg, fill with pellets and cap off. then take several firecrackers or an m-80 and empty the powder into a second egg (large piece) and tape it to the bottom so you should have something like this, n u u then stick a fuse into the hole of the second egg and make it come out the side, then drop the "grenade" into the tube RIGHT SIDE UP if you do it upside-down it will go downwards in the barrel and flak melted airsoft pellet globs everywhere including all over you. so load it right side up and light the fuse, the ignition charge (second egg piece) will fire it out of the barrel, then the firecracker fuse that was in the ignition charge will be ignited and explode the grenade firing solid pellets everywhere. (you may add handles, shoulder rest, etc.)

thanks that helped and nice idea never herd of it but il try it do u have and insructable for it ifnot u should

Hi, my name is finnn, im new here. well i was wondering about those air compressed bazookas. all my friends have co2 bazookas that take 12 gram co2 cartridges. (they shoot rely far). but i dont know how to make one, so im goin wit air compressed bazookas. my air compressed bazookas air chamber will be a 5 gallon water tank (if youve seen them, theyre seethrough) that shoots foam nerf rockets. what will shoot farther? a 5 gallon air compressed bazooka, or a 12 gram co2 cartridge bazooka. thanks

well the air tank isn't the only thing that makes it go further but with a water tank as a air chamber you can use a bike pump or compresser to fill it witch would take more time than a co2 one but you can put more pressure in the water tank and it has air in it so it will be more powerful than a co2 one so if the rocket fits good in the barrel it will probably go further than a co2 one

Hope it helps

no i do not, i am not allowed access to a camera in my house. (my crossbow my mother had to take pictures of for me because we have a VERY expensive camera, it is 10 megapixels.)

The short answer is that you do not make an airsoft bazooka. Shooting tiny airsoft pellets out of a big, heavy bazooka is not practical, and there will only be disadvantages. If, however, you want to, you can mount a launcher from a model gunpowder rocket (like an Estes) into a large diameter PVC pipe. Then, you wire an ignition system on, and you can shoot rockets. It has been done before to impressive results.