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how do you make donut holes? Answered


Take cheap say, aldis biscut brand cut the pices into fourths throw into heated oil, flip over put on paper towels. For glaze: mix little water with a teaspoon of vanilla and conf. sugar. pour over top and outcome.....

I admit this is a cheater way, it was a teenage boy that showed me this one, k? Nuff said.  Ball up a slice of white bread minus crust, drop in hot oil fryer til it browns, roll in white sugar.  The taste is close and it will kill a craving quick.

 One of my favorite ways to make donuts has always been buying cheap biscuit dough, and putting a hole in the center by using a the cap from a small propane bottle. Keep in mind I usually do this while camping.  Any object will use from a knife to a apple core tool.  Use the cut out parts as the donut holes.  Then, drop in hot oil, and when after they float for a little while, they are done.  Then, make icing using a little water and powdered sugar.

mix up donut batter, then drop a table spoon of batter into a deep fryer