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how do you make homemade air rifle pellets .177"(4.5mm) .22"(5.5mm)? Answered

I have been searching websites for ages looking to see if their are any ads for presses/dies/moulds/punches so i can make my own air rifle pellets....with no luck at all....any/all hlp will be very much appreciated....rich40


How much for one of these mold sets5.5mm (.22cal)


You can probably make a ceramic or clay mold. Just make a 2-piece mold (using a store-bought pellet as your template), with a little hole to pour the hot lead through. To make the mold, cut a pellet sized hole in a piece of wax-paper or aluminum foil. Lay it on top of one piece of (moist) clay. Then put your pellet in the hole on top of the clay. Press a second piece of clay over top of the pellet and the wax-paper. When you pull it back apart, take the pellet out, and you should have a perfect pellet mold. Then make a small hole in one of the pieces of clay to pour the lead through. After you've poured your lead (and it's cooled, you'll have to trim off any rough edges. It's a little time consuming, but if you've got lead, clay, and plenty of time, then it's a good project. NOT: Be careful when handling lead!! You don't want to burn or poison yourself!!

...a good way to reuse spent slugs... sounds like more trouble than its worth - unless you love casting lead. I would think casting long 'ingots' of lead at about .15 calibur, then have your mold at .177 - cut a small piece of 15, put in mold, then smash with a hammer+punch to form into the mold - can be done cold.

That does sound easier. I've not dealt with cold lead, but next time I try to cast bullets, I'll give your method a try. My son just bought a black powder .22 revolver, and I'm sure I'll be helping him with projectiles soon. Also, I have a .31 BP revolver and it's difficult to find balls for, so I'll try anything once.

Never seen a .22 BP revolver (or single shot for that matter). How may cylinders, who makes it, & could you post some pics somewhere? I would be very interested in seeing it. 8-)

North American Arms makes a black powder .22 caliber derringer that has a 5 shot cylinder. You can also get extra cylinders for faster change out reloading and they sell the cast .22 caliber lead bullets in bulk for it.

so long as the calibur is right, and its not got fractures in the lead, should be fine :D...should be.

When I was a kid, I used to find 4.5mm bolts and cut them down into 1cm pieces. Then I shot them out of my pellet gun. They weren't as accurate, but actually seemed to penetrate cans better.

Not reall.  But it was just a cheap airgun.  I'd never do that with an expensive weapon.

that's what I was thinking. although I wanted to make a mold for a completely different purpose than making lead pellets. I want to attempt to make paintball pellets for the air rifle i have.
melt a hard wax and coat the outside of the mold with it.
allow it to cool.
fill most of the way with paint.
pour hot wax over the top.

i want pellets making pliers how can i get it. zulfiqar.ali211@gmail.com

Check this guy out. A little on the expensive side but he hand makes every set. The quality and durability are also there so they should last a lifetime. http://nomad-pelletmaker.weebly.com/

I'd like to be able to buy some .22 cal wadcutter pellets (lead free), but the only company making them (Sig Saur)... isn't making them (endless delays at Air Rifle Depot) or can't get them right or something. So, I'd like to make my own, if possible. Anyone here do that, so I can learn how to myself?

If interested I can help you to have an air gun pallet maker to 177 cal 4.5mm for home use contact / dynack78@gmail.com




I think it will be hassle to make a homemade air rifle pellets. However, if you want to make their own pellets you can use a homemade contraption such as hole puncher. Melt the lead and pour it into 1/16 of an inch sheets then punch the pellets out. Well if you are searching for a website that has ads of presses/dies/moulds/punches, you can look for www.zfi-inc.com where you can easily find these stuffs. I hope it would be beneficial for you.

If you think making air gun pellets is a hassle then you should stick to store bought pellets. Any sort of bullet making or hand loading is more trouble than it's worth if you do not enjoy it. Perfectly acceptable .177 pellets are available at Walmart for less than $3.00 for 250 pellets.


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pellet mold from cheap pliers


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Lead pellets should be disposed off carefully after fire. I had discussed some ways to make statues from lead pellets. Please see http://purnimamoh1982.hubpages.com/hub/pelletstatue


Could you also use used pellets melt them down and pour it in the mould?

the link above to Airgun Pellet Maker ( http://airgunpelletmaker.weebly.com/ ) Is a good one. The cost is about $160 for a mold and die to swage the molded pellets to exact and uniform size. He supplies molds for .177, .20, .22, and .25 caliber pellets


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Get urself a metal tube the same diameter as ur barrel and about 3 inch long, get some solder and a soldering iron. Melt some solder into a pea sized ball, keep it hot and stamp the pipe onto the melted solder, once cooled use a screwdriver and a hammer to tap the new pellet out of the mould pipe, use a file to finish :)


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In point of fact, you*can* buy pellet swaging equipment: http://www.corbins.com/pellets.htm

But I wouldn't bother. Pellets are cheap, and good quality pellets are far more accurate than anything you can cast or swage. The best pellets from H&N or Crosman are made to a very precise weight, in very precise molds.

If you want to see the accuracy that a good pellet gun can deliver, buy quality pellets. I suggest buying an assortment of good pellets and testing them to see which you gun likes best. And read http://airgunner.org


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Take A Look Here, -


forget ceramic molds. they dont hold up long enough to make it worth your time. you need 2 aluminum blocks, a dremel drill with a cherry bit at 4.5 mm in diameter
and a 4.5 mm cutting bit and a vise and a steady hand or a drill press . you
place the bit in between the 2 blocks and start the motor and squeeze the two pieces together slowly letting the drill bit cut out the two halves . a fast way to line them up is use a drill to bore a hole through both pieces off center and put a small bolt and nut through it tightly enough so it barely moves . you might need a friend to help with tightening it down while you drill . then use the cutting bit below the hole you bored it should look like this >O>. then use a larger set for the opening at a 90 degree angle . this will open it up a bit. good luck and enjoy

Yea it would be cool to cast your own air gun pellets but it would be too much work just buy plinking pellets or whatever woke the best and stock up, i have about 10,000 pellets for my qb78d and it works just fine. best idea would be asking Santa {or whatever winter Holiday you celebrate} for airgun pellets...


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some more info here- http://www.beemans.net/airgun_projectiles.htm

you can just chop skewer for 177 it works surprisingly well and if you want you can make them heavier by dipping in lead then chopping to size with pliers


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in my crossman 760 i can shot strike anyware matches out of it.... haha its purdy sweet watchin the match strike when it hits a hard object

I'll be surprised if it's worth the effort, but you can swage them in a reloading press. It may take a lifetime of shooting to pay for the gear though. Corbins make suitable gear, there are probabl others but how many do you need? Casting a few grains of lead at a time is hard work and I don't like the idea of being exposed to lead vapor.

casting requires melting the lead, not boiling it. there are no vapors.

700 degrees F should do it. a hotplate and a stainless steel pan


use a vice to hold two bits of plate steel together and drill short holes right in the centre where the two peices meet make sure u use the correct size bit that slides freely in the barrel now get a slightly bigger bit and just sink it in slightly to each hole this will be the compression skirt now get some size one split shot from your local fishing shop and one at a time sit them on the holes and slam them in with a hammer when you have done this you need to then go along with a cone shaped punch and hit the tails of the pellets with it so as they are cupped inwards so th skirt is not too tough and jam in the barrel then release the plates from the vice and tap them on the bench they should fall apart and some nice just like bought ones pellets should fall out repeat as desired i have done this heaps and they come out great and shoot well let me know how u went cheers.