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how do you make shorts ? ? Answered



You'll need a film crew, at least one set, at least one actor, and (figuring 1 script page = about 1 film minute) a script about 20 pages long. :)

(Oh, man, ain't I clever? :)

Get a pair of pants and cut the legs off!

or in another sense of the word - connect a paperclip inside a plug between the blades and go sticking it into sockets (dont do it unless you want blown fuses and damaged sockets)

I have made several "cut-offs" from a normal pair of pants. I am 6'4" and it can be difficult to find long pants (34W 36L). Those are long legs. The great thing about cutoffs is you can use any pair of pants that you find and they don't even have to be the right length. Because you're cutting them off anyway. If you want to sew your own pair of shorts, I would recommend finding a pair of shorts that you like and tracing each section of fabric onto some paper to use as a pattern. If you find some that fit great, but you don't like the look, you can just rip out all the seams and lay the fabric flat for a pattern.

cut long wide pants (not something thin)