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how do you make weed tea? Answered




Why would you want to? It doesn't sound tasty or fun. All "teas" use the same recipe. The recipe is simple. Combine hot water and desired herbacious material. Wait for desired strength of flavor. Remove plant matter (if desired). Add sweeteners if desired.

> Add sweeteners if desired. . If the weed is pot, you will want to use a LOT of sweetener. The stuff tastes terrible.

We have found that flavoring the marijuana tea with other teas helps with the taste.

My point about the "Why?" exactly. Actually, I shouldn't broadcast this... If the poster is asking what I think he's asking... I've tried it. Yech, and totally inneffective too. If I'm wrong... my appologies.

Or Marmite on toast, or was it cheese...? L


9 years ago

I have done this a few times actual right now thats why I did a search for it . What I use is the stems , you can use leaf and the actual flower (bud) if you want but that cost to much. So you can make it hot tea or sun tea (cold) ,am making it sun right now friend said it was great, I break up my stems then soak in a shot of alcohol i used Patron then put it in the sun in a container with ice 5-6 tea bags 5 cups of water and put it in the sun. Easier way is to boil water on stove put 2 tea bags in with 2 cups of water a little milk maybe some kaluha stems cook for 20mins then drink hella stoney .

Some sort of infusion, GuardianFox has given you enough - What weeds do you want to use, or is that part of the question?