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how do you make your psp look like an ipod touch? Answered

I want my psp's home to look like the ipod touch set up, how do i do it, can i download it?



it depends. you need to have custom firmware to do it, but what you would do is download a shell (which is basically an alternative home) that looks like an ipod touch (you should try dl.qj.net - it's great). then, put the folder in your game folder (open your psp on the computer, go to the psp folder, then go to game). then go to your memory stick under game on your psp. it should be there (it might not be, homebrew is very touchy sometimes) and just open it. to make it automatically turn on when your psp starts, you need to go to the recovery menu (just hold down the r button when it's starting up from being completely off) and enable the plugin for it (it should be there).

also, this is just a general guide. there will probably be a readme file. if not, look for a tutorial. homebrew's hard to do, it's nice to have directions.

download this file called ipsp, then drag it to the common folder on your memory stick