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how do you naturally enhance breast size? Answered


Drink lots of beer. I saw this on MANswers, so as I general rule I'm a bit suspicious. Something about beer having stuff in it that mimics female hormones...or something.

birth control works pretty well, but not really all natural

That's usually birth control with a high dose of estrogen, but everyone varies. Also, I haven't had this experience, but several of my friends have used the aforementioned type of birth control (ask your Dr. about it) and while they didn't complain about the increased breast size, they didn't stay on the birth control very long because their breasts became so tender they couldn't stand it. Also, the estrogen has other side effects which you may or may not be able to tolerate. If surgery is not an option for you, then you can simply buy a few push up bras. Victoria's Secret has the "Miracle Bra" and there's also "Wonder Bra" If you're under 25 years old, then just hang in there, they might still get bigger. (One of my good friends didn't get boobs until college. ) If not, then you're going to have to learn to love your body.

Gain weight, your breast will get bigger (along with the rest of your body).

sign up for an email...wait about 3 days. You should have several links for natural enhancement.


It depends what you mean by 'natural'.

Estrogen-like plant compounds might qualify. Water retention and obesity almost certainly would. However, changes such as these to your system of hormones are not something to undertake lightly, nor without consulting your doctor.

Of course, pregnancy will also do the trick.

Remember that hormones are signals sent to the entire body, not just the most obvious and well-known targets. When you alter hormones, unwanted side effects are guaranteed; sometimes you can live with them, sometimes you cannot.