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how do you remove the pickup cover on a Les Paul model guitar? Answered

I was wondering how you can remove the object covering the pickup on a Les Paul guitar, revealing the actual pickup. I need to know how and if it is okay for the guitar.


You DO NOT want to desolder the cover over the humbucker. Pickup coils are packed in wax to keep the winding snug; heat will soften the wax, causing the windings to loosen. This results in a microphonic pickup (which is exactly what the term sounds like). The pickup will be ruined. However, if you're talking about removing the mountings, that's perfectly safe. Just be gentle with the leads if you remove the pickup. If you must solder (or desolder) the leads, do so very carefully.

Are you talking about the frame that is screwed into the guitar? On mine (not real LP but a clone) that's the mounting of the pickup. If you take that off then there is nothing to hold the pickup to the guitar. Or are you talking about the cover around the magnets and coil. On mine I would have to unsoldier the cover and wires and cut some metal. That covering is a part of the shielding and grounding system. I don't think it would be a good thing. Maybe your's is different. You might post a good photograph. Good luck.