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how do you use a compass? Answered

How do you use a compass? not the ones with just the moving needle. the ones that have a mirror and the line.



The compass needle points to magnetic north, which is pretty much geographical north.
The mirror is for something else like applying eye-shadow, the line just helps you use the compass by getting it into a north-pointing position.


Mirror in a compass is most likely for not applying eye-shadows :), but for reflection signal to attract any help in survival situations. However if one is interested to apply eye-shadow in such a condition, seems to be priceless ;)

Basically, point the north needle on the compass (usually red or black) to the top of the map, in line with the north lines (black or blue lines/ grid on the map..


You are describing a sighting compass (as opposed to the map compass).

They often have a slot in the mirrored lid.

Whilst out in the countryside, open the compass and turn it until the line is pointing in the direction you want to walk.

Sight along the line and identify a landmark on the horizon in the direction you want to walk.  Walk that way.

If you are using a slotted version, you do the same as above, except you lift the lid to the vertical and sight through the slot.

The mirror is for signalling in case of emergency.