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how do you use the insulator kit that comes with the LM338K voltage regulator? Answered

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seandogue (author)2009-12-03

the insulator is used to electrically isolate the base of the semiconductor from the heat sink, in order to avoid accidental shorting to ground/common. The Heatsink may be an external cast aluminum heat sink or a PCB island.

In general, we apply thermal transfer compound to the underside of the semiconductor (the 338K is a TO-3 pkg isn't it?) , then apply the isolator to the 338K, then apply a bit more between the insulator and the heatsink or island to complete the thermal conduit.

If that didn't sink in, lemme know and I'll toss a little graphic together and post.  (but only if you don't get what I'm saying please)

best wishes

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