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how does a 10 year old make money fast? Answered

how do you make 10 bucks in 10 minutes



there is a couple jobs you can do to make about 100 dollars in your neighborhood.go around your neighborhood and ask people if they want there car washed

You cancel the house and do chores fore your parents and talk to them and tell them for example if i clean the dishes for 1 week i get 30 dollars etc.

I think that doing a lemonade stand is the best idea. You can pick lemons, or oranges for orange juice, off a tree if you have any nearby. You can also set it up with friends so, a. you don't get bored b. you don't have to use all of your ingredients like sugar and water. just bring out a table you already have that's the right size, and make a plain sign out of cardboard or something.

Hope I helped!

Wash cars, windows, dogs, or the house! I hope this helps!!

Yard Sale? But it takes a couple days to set up.

Have a party and invite 100 people make your present 10-15 dollars and boom 1,500 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 hope it helps!

Well err... If it's a good party that they'd come to, you'd rack up about 2,000$ in charges considering each person at a party costs about 20$ (food, food, etc.)

well at that age, that sort of money is hard to earn. Wait for birthdays, and ask for money instead. Open a debit account and save money. I was able to conjure up 300$ in 2 months from wo yard work, chores, birthday money, and money from the couch, ground, etc.

All my life I have lived near mansions and millionaires, and selling things like dog calendars for more than you got them for is good as well. Look into summer jobs if your older like 13,14,15,16 Sign holders at construction sites can get 20+ dollars a day. That's 35,000 a year if you do 5 hour days.

I do a lot of gymnastics money

How do you get "gymnastics money" what is that? Prize winnings? Please be more specific.

i need to save money..but my parents are to over protected.....what could i do..

ggood ideas but i live on a dirt road what jobs can i get from there

well you can do surveys and earn money just look at this Website:


if you have generous relatives, ask for a dollar or so from each generous relative, do chores at home, sell lemonade, shovel snow, rake leaves, mow lawns, breed and sell rodents like hamsters or mice, sell crafts, make and sell bouquets at valentine's day, photography, and tons of other stuff.

i have a couple questions have you had good luck with it

i have a couple questions have you had good luck with it


3 years ago

if u play music record and sell on iTunes


3 years ago

but i can always sell on ebay


3 years ago

Dude I live in east Africa no one buys old clothes or toys they just fly to Europe and go crazy there

look in your couch for money

save every penie you get because they add up preety quickly

i sell paracord and survival bracelets and fresh eggs from my chickens on swap shop and different places some times and i make about 100-200 dollars a year

i'm my younger brother's servants for $5 dollars a day!

If your really into social media you could always try this site. I am very social and I use the money I make to buy my college book its about 600-900 a month. Not much but check it out:http://Earn4Share.com/?id=26136

•I clean my room once every week -earns me 10 dollars-

•I babysit my cousin, his friends, and my siblings every day -earns me 5 dollars-

•I clean house every week -earns me 20 dollars-

•I sell cookies, lemonade, crafts, and unused beauty supplies every month -earns me 35 dollars-

I have been saving up for afew weeks now and got myself a Xbox 360 and now im going to save up for a new golfcart

I make money by going to yard sales and buy stuff then sell them

that is good money but I have made more

I make money by doing dishes

you should do work at home with your parents and get money(love you). lol.?<3

Try going round neighbors doors with baking or something lots of people do this around my street

lemonade with a twist

gold mine

And I'm nine years old.

So when I start doing all that on a regular bases my bank account could have up to $5000 every six months.

So in over words I was wrong you could make a bout $450 a MONTH!!!! maybe even bigger. I just don't feel like doing the math.

From dog sitting for five days I made... $150 dollars.

From doing all of that everyday you could make about... $200 a month :) depending the price that you make the stuff.

Well you could walk dogs, have a dog sitting business, wash cars, breed and sell baby lizards, wash windows, plenty of stuff.

First off, You need to make a plan. Kinda like a plan of goverment, just a plan of ideas though. Heres some helpful ideas of mine...

1.Have a yard sale
2. Ask your principle about saling candy or braclets at your school
3.Mow lawns
4.Walk dogs
5. Baby sit kids around you
6. Rake leaves
7. Shovel snow
8. House sit

I hope thease help! :)

I love your ideas but thats not differnt I hope you get this and come up with something that a kid like me would make me a lot of money and is different like not like most kids would come up with

Hey, I agree witth you, that's so absulotely 100% percent right, (Thumbs Up).