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how does a flux capacitor work O.o? Answered

like it said in the title, I wanna know how it works so I can go Back in time.


No, no, no. It's all done by grinding fairies to powder, mixing them with unobtainium and kryptonite, and sintering the whole thing at -12 degrees kelvin while calling upon the Great Old Ones (as in, you leave it cooking and go for a nice visit with that homebound Shoggoth down the street). Coat it with celluloid and run it through the press.

Then throw it out and go rent the DVD.

Alternatively: How does it work? Pretty well, in the film.

Will dried pixies do if I can't get fresh fairies? I've got all the other stuff.

It creates an artificial black hole in which the delorean wormholes through the event horizon and into a time chosen by the driver. Don't forget to pick up a copy of the Sports Almanac. Should be easy enough, and look forward to seeing your instructable.

It's pretty easy, except for getting the plutonium. The Libyans don't play that anymore.

Libyans have been getting bombed into submission lately. I bet they would like to go back a few years and start again.

NEVER NEVER play with lightning.


6 years ago

No worries, there are comprehensive illustrated instructions included in the beginners DIY kit. The only tools needed are a Phillips screwdriver, a 24" adjustable wrench and a synchronized Bellflor chronobaton.