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how does i12 yeard old computer lover make some money? Answered

well i love computers , started using and getting a hold for them when i was about 9 or 10 and know I'm really good with then i can build computers program computers, make games for computers, and get around them very nicely, so i would like to start my own company or just help people out with them, how could i get started and ware?


Try to google Fiverr. It might be a good start

dude im 12 and can do all that too. its weird cuz i wanted to start a company soon too. Bought my $1300 touchscreen laptop a year ago in august (programmed it to where i could say "click internet" and the web browser would pop up. i even used it for writing essays. so cool lol) i hope we mabye get to talk sometime. mabye we can even start a business together. (by the way, i earned my money for my computer myself, i mowed lawns, built imitation "earthboxes". such great money. listen though, a good tip is to start a website and use affliate marketing. im doing that soon too. costs like 6 bucks to start dude so why not take the chance) anyway, ill check back on the question soon and send you my "research" on the easiest and best moneymaking ways. good luck!!!

What type of company will you start? I would love to check out your site.

P.S., what if that "12 year old" is a predator?

by the way, im also trying to get a mac and i will make iphone apps and test them on my itouch. ill post that stuff on here too. i might even make a kid's computer club or group on here or whatever.hmmm..... talk to you guys later!

What kind of mac are you saving up for? A kids computer club on instructables is a great idea. I've used computers since I was 1 year old, so I'll join your club.

ooo cool! you should learn how to install cpus for people. i make about $50 each time just installing a cpu and heatsink. (it's really simple)

I am starting a programming company with some friends. ill post the website name later. i also am doing affiliate marketing. And if a "12 year old" is a predator, than they must be pretty low, and dumb, to have to pick on kids like us. ill update later, thanks for your input!

. I've been making pocket money for years doing that. . Place an ad in a local paper. Most areas have free "newspapers" that run free ads. . Know your limits. Don't be afraid to tell ppl "That's more than I can handle. You better call a pro."

Years? I'm pretty sure you mean decades ;)

I agree. An ad should help and don't advertise for more than you are able to do.

What progamming languages do you know?

Make a website a go to googleadsense.com and goolgle will pay to put ads on your site

Become a paid hacker for compaines that want you to hack into their firewall. White hat hacker or make games on cds and sell them or make an ipod / iphone game or Download music for a price onto kids mp3 players that you can get for free


8 years ago

dude im ur age and i LOVE the computer

make that remote control ardunio lawnmower and mow peoples lawns(I bet they'd pay extra for a robot to mow they're lawn!) sorry im too lazy for a link

Flyer Flyers Flyers print and post around town. You would be suprised and the business you get.us