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how does one add those neat yellow picture rectangular outlines which flash text to help explain a photo? Answered



Best Answer 7 years ago

Image Notes

I received this one.


Hello! No, no reply to my post was on the question, except for this one you posted today. I do see that you flagged "Best Answer" (and thank you for that!). There was a period recently where comments and replies were getting "eaten" by the I'bles server, yours may have been caught by that little bug.

As an aside, you may want to avoid putting your e-mail address into public postings like these. Lots of automated systems search Web pages for things that look like e-mail addresses, and use them to send out spam. Instructables has a "private message" system to avoid publishing e-mail addresses.

L-mouse-click on the image and drag the bx you want.


Thanks, I needed to know the yellow lines were called image notes then I saw how easy it was. I'm still LOL about it.
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Alex in Reno....