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how good is my windows theme instrucables? Answered

give feed back rate and subcribe tell me what i can add or what needs to be fixed


Honestly we have Instructables that do the same thing but say more than


And I read all your instructables and i noticed 1 was copied and pasted,you can delete them :O

Overall just put a little more effort into them.

wow you read all my ibles pleas subscribe to or something you can also find me on deviant art
username= roxiqer

The reason I read them all is because I believe someone should be judged by all there work. And it was 3 in the morning and I couldn't sleep.

Very short, bad grammar, punctuation, spelling, doesn't really explain into detail, not very many pictures.

It's pretty short and all it does is send you to a link where you can download stuff. It also lacks capitalisation and has loads of spelling errors.