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how i can hack college server? Answered


Actually, MIT used to keep the source code for the Multics operating system publicly accessible, and encourage students to try to break its security.

It really was that secure.


8 years ago

Perhaps you could spend your time doing something constructive.  Like working on assignments or studying for exams.

Just a thought.

Machete - strong arm movements.


If you can hack the college server, you should tell the college admins - they will then sack whoever is in charge of the server.

After that, they will either give you his job, or expel you.

Or both.

Ya wanna graduate, or ya wanna show off? Pick one.

.  You can find instructions here on how to do things that could be illegal if used/done inappropriately or in the wrong jurisdiction, but I see no circumstance under which hacking a college server could be legal.

 WHY you will get busted by the feds and or the cops therefore this is a BAD thing to do so my suggestion is instead of hacking one why not build one so that way your not doing anything illegal

First take see if you can hack an English grammar class!

Or maybe just a typing class.

Grumpy much this morning? He he he.

I guess so.  Maybe it was the question.

Why would you ask such a question? What are your motive? What you are asking is illegal! Do something constructive with your time.