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how long did it take you to learn your first programming language? Answered

How long should I expect it to take me to learn C++ using a "for dummies" book?  I have no prior programing expirience.  Thanks



You pick up the syntax and grammar of a new language very quickly, but the techniques of using them to solve problems elegantly and/or efficiently take years to acquire - but they then work across many languages.


I would agree with that, if you've got the right "head". Logical-analysis and abstract-thinking can take time to acquire, some people never "get it". Incidentally, I spent a lot of time with Sinclair-BASIC....


I learnt BASIC standing around in a Tandy store in Oldham.....


It's not too hard, the "Speccys" had a good thick manual, which covered pretty much everything inside the case, hard or soft.


Learning is progressive, you'll learn something pretty quickly, learning everything can take a lifetime. sean' has given you a good answer to the question, but what is the reason that you asked it?


And you've asked an even better question than my answer... ;-)

.  Learned enough BASIC in 2 days to print out a Christmas tree back in 1972. Took a few more days to compute a strapping table for a sphere.
.  It takes months (and even years) to get really good with any programming language. Once you learn one, learning another is much easier.