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how make a sub toolpath? Answered

hello. i have a mold. first tool for rough machining is 10 mm endmill, but it can't reach places marked red circle. please tell me, how can i manage toolpath for 6 mm endmill, that it will machine only this places after 10mm endmill without machinnig whole mold?

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marcotakx (author)2017-08-25

You have allready duplicated your toolpath, thats correct.

Now you only have to select a smaller tool and activate the Rest Machining checkbox and enter the diameter that is used before.

After clicking OK you see it only operate the area that wasn't mill in the previous operation.

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Emi1988 (author)marcotakx2017-09-01

Thank you, that is right for 2d poket, but 2d adaptive clearens haven't this option in geometry tab, so, that is what i wanted to know, how i can use this cool option in 2d adaptive strategy

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