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how many dc motors can be controlled using dtmf decoder mt8870 ? Answered

i am making a mobile controlled robot project using dtmf decoder ic
i want to control 11 motors is it  possible and how
which motor driver should i use
and can i use atmega 8 or 16 



It gives 16 tones IIRC, so you can do 11 motors. If they're small, you can use the L293.

how 16 the mobile keypad has only 12 keys so how to produce 16 tones

i am using 12v dc motors
so how many l293d should be used ??

The DTMF standard supports 16 codes - but you knew that by reading the data sheet didn't you? The 293 only takes motor current up to

I am planning to make a bot which can
move forward when 2 is pressed
backward -8



and want to control 4 more motor separately and 2 leds

i saw this layout but with this i can only control 2 motors

and where will i get code for this