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how many resistor will make 12ohm 13 watts? Answered

i wanna bring 12 v down to 4.5


Here's a typical example

Use a 240 Ohm and a 620 Ohm resistor

Can some one please draw me a diagram on how its put togeather. Id appreciate it alot. thank you

LM317 is the perfect answer,
but incase you are unable to find it go with a LM7805,it will bring 12 v to 5 v (just connect a resistor to drop 0.5 volts) & you should be good

You should avoid using resistors to adjust the output of a power supply. Use a diode, and let its 0.5..0.7 v forward drop do it instead.

Use a regulator, not resistors. An LM317 will be perfect