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how many small dc motors can an arduino uno control Answered

how many small dc motors can an arduino uno control  when I am wirellesly sending controls from anther arduino uno by nrf24l01 modules  I want to get the maximum amount of motors abled to control


The internet is way bigger than instructables. The best place to learn about using your Arduino is the Arduino web site.


Also try doing a Google search. Easy to understand information is out there. Just take a few clicks to find it.

hey I cant get a l293d motor controller chip what other motor controller chip you recommend that can work like l293d chip/////and the last question what do you think is the better wireless communication between two arduino uno's nrf24lo1 module or rf 315 MHz module

Depends on your setup. If you plan to have the motors run directly from the Arduino then zero. If you have a proper motor control that the Arduino is signaling with PWM then you can have 6. But the motors cannot be using the power from the Arduino. They will need their own power source. Just be sure the motor controllers and the arduino share a ground connection.

can u give me a schimatic on how to run 6 motors with pwm because I cant find any on instructables

yes I will be working on making my own motor controllers with the l293d chip but is 6 the maximum amount of motors and if it is max can you tell me how to connect them or show me a scematic of how they are connected and if theres more than 6 can you also tell me its scematic

Most controllers need a PWM signal. The Arduino UNO only has 6 PWM pins. Plenty of instructables and projects that can show you how it's put together.

how many motor direction pins so I can add maybe 2 or more than 6 motors but with the motor controller that doesn't need pwm

If your just telling the motor to turn on and off then you can go with as many motors as you have available pins. More if you use a bunch of shift registers (look it up). As i said before, the motors will have to be run off a separate power supply. Do not run them from the 5V pin of the Arduino.

i need on and off and direction can u tell me how many pins for that and how many motors can be connected also for that on arduino uno

sorry for all of my questions I am kinda of a beginner in arduino stuff