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how many times do I feed my cat? Answered



I do breakfast and dinner. (1can per meal / 2 cats) They get dry food & water whenever.

So, two, plus "cookies" (which they really don't seem to overdo)


8 years ago

It would depend. You would feed it just once...., if it was to a pitbull.

I feed mine 2-3 times a day. Depends how hungry she is and how old your cat is. For example kittens genually eat less than fully grown cats.

There's plenty of good cat-care advice on the web; a quick search for "cat feeding time" finds some of these.  If in doubt, ask your vet.  But purely personal reaction:

Depends on the food, depends on the cat.

If dry food: Many, but not all, cats do quite well if you just keep the food and water bowls full and let them eat when they want to eat. I've been lucky in that my cats were perfectly happy with this solution.

Some (especially but not limited to ex-alleycats) will overeat if given a chance, and for them you need to put the food out at specified times and take it away between meals.

Moist or canned food shouldn't be left out too long, so that's a bit more complicated.

If your cat has health issues other than being overweight, that also complicates matters, of course. At that point you definitely want to talk to the vet.

dunno what lemonie is talking about, but 2 times a day works for my 2 cats.
about 1 medium sized coffee cup per meal.
when u wake up, and when u go to sleep, maybe a small treat (like that fish jellie stuff) in the afternoon when u come home from school/work.

A cat likes to be fed pretty well when it wants - hence Lemonie's comment I suspect. Our three get three feeds a day, and it amounts to about a 3/4 cup full per cat per day.

I think Lemonie was answering the question humerously.

It was asked

how many times do I feed my cat?

and not

how many times do need to feed my cat?

This is more like a "crystal ball" type question where the "asker" wanted to see the validity and accuracy of, well, us.

Our I could be completely wrong.